Substance Use Disorders

New Mexico Solutions offers clinical services to assist in the treatment and recovery from substance abuse and chemical dependency. Our clinicians are licensed to provide drug and alcohol counseling and provide both individual and group therapy. Services are available for both adults and adolescents. Medicaid, self-pay, and private insurance are accepted.

Services offered

Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy

Outpatient, individual, family, and group sessions for substance abuse are offered for adults and adolescents.

Transitions Group

Transitions Group is for individuals who are still settling the question of whether their alcohol or drug use is serious enough to commit to more extensive treatment and recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program is offered to meet the needs of individuals with more severe substance abuse or chemical dependency needs. The IOP group meets a minimum of three hours a day, three days a week, for up to six weeks. Core concepts of the disease of alcoholism, addiction, and recovery are presented in a multimedia format. Counseling for the family of the client is a critical part of the program; aftercare services to assist in the client’s transition are also offered. IOP services are available for adults dealing with significant substance use problems. Regular drug and alcohol testing is conducted.

Aftercare Program

Maintaining sobriety and avoiding future abuse of drugs and alcohol is critical. New Mexico Solutions offers and supports a number of aftercare options for clients, including group and individual therapies, as well as participation in community programs.

Case Management

Case Management services are available to assist adolescent and adult clients with accessing services and community support systems such as supported living, educational services, vocational services, welfare, food stamps, and medical services. Case Managers assist clients through advocacy, educational activities, and coordination of services. Case Managers can effectively assist clients in transitioning between services or after hospitalization. Case Management is currently only available for clients enrolled in certain substance abuse programs.