Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS)

Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS) are designed to increase the ability of each person to be able to operate independently at home and in their community. The program is client-centered. The client works with a Community Support Worker (CSW) to create their own goals related to symptom management, accessing community resources, and independence/life skills. Program staff works with each client to learn about accessing various resources/services, helping them initiate the process. 

CCSS is a culturally sensitive service that promotes recovery, rehabilitation, and resiliency. CCSS identifies and addresses barriers that held the client back. They also identify the client’s strengths to help the recipient and family in the recovery or resiliency process. CCSS activities provide assistance in the development of interpersonal and community coping and functional skills including:

  • Socialization skills
  • Development issues
  • Daily living skills
  • School and work readiness activities
  • Education on co-occurring illnesses